Rooms at Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Hotel Conde de Villanueva only has nine rooms (7 standards and 2 junior suites). The rooms are large and soaked in old-world charm, not to mention the scent of tobacco -- all are smoking rooms, of course. The better and more expensive rooms come with Jacuzzi jets in the tubs and views over the street.

One room, however, lacks windows, and three rooms downstairs lack views.

Twin bedside tables, a spacious armoire, and an easy chair upholstered in two-tone green are standard, as are direct-dial phones. Standard, too, are twin beds with firm, imported mattresses covered by dark green spreads. Baths vary in layout, but each has tub only (guests who prefer a shower should opt for a suite) and though hot water is on tap, plumbing can be fickle.

In Conde de Villabueva Hotel accommodations are arranged around the courtyard, on two levels, and are named for famous Cuban tobacco-growing regions. For example: the suite named San Juan y Martínez just like the important municipality in Pinar del Rio province where there are the most important tobacco plantations in all around the country.

Architecture of Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Plastered walls are painted white. The floors, recently relaid with faux terra-cotta ceramic tile, are cool underfoot. Lofty, beamed ceilings and thick limestone walls aid in keeping rooms cool for those who prefer to do without the modern, silent air-conditioning fitted in recent years. By day, sunlight and breezes pour in through the tall shuttered, glass-less windows featuring tall, lathe-turned wooden screens (rejas).

The six upstairs rooms have balconies overlooking the street. Art deco bedside lamps and twin wall lamps above the beds provide adequate lighting by night. The reproduction hardwood furniture in conservative 1920s style harmonizes well with the historic hotel.


Hotel Conde de Villanueva has seven standard rooms; they are very pleasant with the same elegant furnishing style as the suite and junior suite. Whilst the rooms are less spacious than the suites they are far from cramped.


Hotel Conde de Villanueva has two junior suites; they are wonderfully grand with incredibly high ceilings and elegant, rather masculine dark green upholstery and bedspreads. They have good Colonial-style furniture, beautiful original chandeliers and French windows to private balconies accessed through charming arched window recesses.

Architecture of Hotel Conde de Villanueva

The bathrooms are spacious and there are very attractive traditional stained glass panels set into the walls dividing bathroom from bedroom, which glow with colour when the bathroom lights are switched on.

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