Architecture of Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Hotel Conde de Villanueva, a four-star hotel, is located in the historical center of Havana City in Cuba and it’s a tastefully restored 18th-century mansion that it has a rustic colonial charm and intimate feel to it that makes it just as ideal for sightseers and couples seeking a relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

This hotel in Old Havana characterized by interior patios, stained-glass windows and roomy corridors, it’s conceived with cigar-lovers in mind.

Lobby of Hotel Conde de VillanuevaHall in Hotel Conde de Villanueva

This charming hotel features one of the best and most respected cigar shops in town, La Casa del Habano (Habano’s House), which rents out private humidors so that regular clients can always have their own personal reserve. This is manifested in the interior architecture, in the names of the rooms, according to tobacco plantations, and in the paintings and photography where they offer the best marks and private living room of tasting.

All this is livened up by a cigar roller "torcedor" (person that rolls the cigars) seated down in the hotel hall. While this man works every visitor can speak with him about this special handwork and of course, at the end we will be able to buy him the freshly bent cigars.

However, you don’t have to be a smoker to enjoy the colonial courtyard full of flowers and mahogany rocking chairs, and the fact that the hotel only has nine rooms cause our more discerning clients to book the whole place for themselves and their friends when they come to Havana for special parties.

Hotel Conde de Villanueva is on the corner of Mercaderes and Lamparilla streets in Old Havana, about 2 minutes’ walk from all the most important places to visit in the historical centre.

After a few weeks in Cuban outback, it could be just what the doctor ordered.

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